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Kiln Control Systems

Our Control Systems can be designed for various Kilns, Industrial Burners, Fuel Feed systems and more. We take in consideration the clients needs, goals, and operators when designing our systems. Offering top notch controls for the job at hand. 

We also help with the installation of your hardware and software onsite.  

Fuel Feed Control

  • Drag Chain System

  • Screw Auger System

  • Industrial Blowers

Industrial Burner ControlSystems

  • Green Saw Dust

  • Steam

  • Gas

  • Suspension Dust

  • Continuous Kiln

  • Package Kiln

Lumber Drying Control Systems

Lumber Pushing Control Systems

  • Electric 

  • Hydraulic

  • Silo Industrial Controls

  • Hydraulic and Electric

Silo Systems

Additional Services
and Upgrades

  • Learn more about our additional services 

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