Additional Services



ARS Automation Design Inc. can now install an upgrade to your current PLC Program that allows you to receive real time alerts through text messages or emails!

  • Allows you to respond and react quickly to the status of alarms, alerts and reports.

  • Shows Temperature, Faults, Settings, and when the product is complete

  • Hourly Updates - It can send you status updates of your system on the hour throughout the day  

  • Works with all major cell phone carriers!

Replacement Parts

ARS Automation Design Inc. keeps stock in replacement parts and modules for your Electrical Control Panel. 

Things can happen out of our control at any moment, so we keep parts on hand to get a replacement to you quickly. 

Remote Software Alterations

ARS Automation Design Inc. Provides the customer with the following:

  • Software Changes

  • Troubleshooting Assistance

  • Response within 2 Hours

  • 24/7 availability for remote assistance 

Service Plans 

ARS Automation Design Inc. can schedule a service plan for your hardware and software components. 

  • On-site assistance at an interval you select.

  • Software/Hardware Alterations

  • Troubleshooting resolutions

  • Manageable Budget 

Customer Service

ARS Automation Design Inc. is here to help. Our staff will work hard to make sure you get the help you need along the way. If you have any questions or concerns please