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In the world of manufacturing, efficiency isn’t just a goal—it’s the heartbeat of the operation. Upgrading your PLC can significantly enhance this heartbeat, driving your production process to new heights of productivity. 

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) have been used in industrial control applications for decades. Their ruggedness, design, and reliability often mean that many factories and process plants still have 20, 30, or more years old PLC systems.

However, with this reliability comes unawareness and the humble PLC can carry on long after its natural lifecycle. Sometimes, it is clear that a PLC system is due for an upgrade.  Here are several reasons why the time has come to upgrade your control system:

1 – Moving away from obsolete or end-of-line hardware, avoiding random or unexpected machinery breakdowns.

2 – Reduction of downtime due to end-of-life failures, leading to higher productivity.

3 – The opportunity to connect your machines and processes as part of a smart connected factory with Advance communication protocols.

4 – Increased performance and functionality, such as additional I/O, user interfaces, and networking.

5 – Integrated Security working with newer PC systems to help protect and shield your software and data in today's world.

6 – Data Gathering to make informed decisions that out of date automation can not.

7 – Enhance Safety features that are commonly built into newer PLCs.

8 – Remote Access features allowing plant personnel to stay informed and alert to situations.

9 – Ability to stock less old parts, thereby reducing parts inventory cost.  Newer parts generally cost less and are more beneficial than obsolete.

Whatever the challenge with your existing PLC systems, you’ll need to work with a trusted and advanced systems integrator who can perform simple yet secure same-brand upgrades through to complex reverse engineering of unsupported control systems.

Let ARS seamlessly migrate and integrate your system. Give us a Call to get the process started.

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