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Electrical Cabinets

One of the most important components to Industrial Automation is the Electrical Control Panels.

They are essentially the brains of the automated process we create and control the power functions of the equipment on the job sites.

ARS Automation Design Inc. designs each electrical control panel to specifically fit the clients needs, the type of Kiln they have onsite, and all the other components needed to complete the job.

Panel Fabrication

  • ARS custom builds each and every cabinet.

  • All panels carry a one year warranty on parts.

Electrical control cabinet
Electrical control cabinet

Large Control Cabinets

  • Large Control Cabinets are designed for controlling complex systems. This type of system would control many processes and/or operations simultaneously. Safety systems are installed to ensure a safe work environment for all work personnel. 

Touch Screen Cabinets

  • Touch screen control cabinets offer many options for a control system. The touch screen can control operations, animate displays for easy view, and show alarms for ease of operation and trouble shooting.

Small Control Cabinets

  • Small control cabinets can be designed to consolidate lots of power into a small foot print. Small control cabinets can also be linked to communicate with larger systems with ethernet or serial. Ethernet or Devicenet can be used for system control.

small Electrical control cabinet
HMI Touch screen

Information Displays

  • Information Displays will allow you to control, troubleshoot, and read data just by the touch of a screen. These are designed to be mounted on the face of electrical cabinets. This can take the place of lights, switches, gauges, and more. 


Operator Interface

  • Operator interface panels offer easy remote control of critical operations and display information. All panels are designed with safety in mind. 

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