Industrial Automation

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Vibration Analysis


  • Alert of vibration issues early to eliminate costly breakdowns .

  • Notify the appropriate personnel of the issue.

  • Aide in building a scheduled maintenance program.

  • Can be installed wireless

  • Data collection

ARS designs and builds automation

systems with the following characteristics:


  • Encoder Motor Following systems

  • Machine Interface Automation

  • Machine Synchronization

Machine Automation will aid in the following:


  • Reduce labor cost

  • Eliminate personnel repetition

  • Provide safe applications

  • Machine Synchronization

Communication between Device


  • Ethernet communications between controllers and drives.

  • Ethernet, Devicenet, and Profibus to I/O.



  • Aide with repetitive processes.

  • Allow personnel to perform higher level processes.

Machine Product Flow Systems


  • Sync product flow with existing systems

  • Update PLC control systems

  • Better control and SCADA systems

  • HMI touch screen solutions

  • Data collection

Machine Camera Systems


  • Synchronized with product flow.

  • Product grading

  • Scaling and sizing

  • Data collection

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